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Highly engineered slide and turn doors with ultra-slim sightlines

Designed in Switzerland, the innovative vistaline slide and turn doors offer an industry leading combination of precision engineering, advanced thermal performance and ultra-slim 45mm sightlines. The thermally broken system consists of individual, non-connected panels that can be operated individually and stacked to one end to create complete openings, whilst when closed provide superior protection from the elements and advanced security.

Manufactured for exterior use, the system is available with a flush track that still offers a high weather rating. The vistaline system is highly engineered with the running gear alone containing more than a hundred individual Swiss-designed components. The vistaline system can be up to 2,650mm high with each panel up to 1,100mm wide. The doors are triple glazed and can achieve a U-value as low as just 1.1W/m²K.

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Testimonial and review
"Because of the space we had on the patio we had been searching for a slide and turn system that we could install on our extension for a while before we spoke to IDSystems, The doors are fantastic, the frames are really slim and you can tell when you move the doors how well made they are. Thank you IDSystems for letting us test the system for you!!

RA, Cambridge

Homebuilding & Renovating Show | London 2019

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